Fireworks In General

Fireworks by definition are low explosive pyrotechnic devices. Devices that are used for entertainment and aesthetic displays. This definition makes a firework sound boring; fireworks are definitely not boring. We like to bring celebrations to life with high-quality fireworks.

Fireworks are more than just a mixture of pyrotechnic elements. They are magical. The combinations of colours and patterns are fantastical. When people see fireworks regardless of their age, a sense of wonder takes over. How do those beautiful colours get into that barrage box. The sense of awe and surprise is what has made fireworks a huge part of all celebrations.

The history of fireworks is a long one, beginning way back in the 10th century in China. The very first firecracker style fireworks were simply bamboo stalks. They were thrown into a fire and made banging sounds. Things have come a long way since then. Chemicals that change the colour and reaction of the firework have been added through the years. Now in the 21st century, we have firework displays that can turn any get together into an event. People will often use fireworks for celebrations such as Guy Fawkes, Diwali celebrations, Halloween and New Years. But we are also seeing an increase in fireworks used for smaller parties held at homes and businesses. People do gender reveals, birthday celebrations and other special occasions where fireworks, sparklers and similar are incorporated into the parties.

Why sell fireworks?

Have you considered selling fireworks in your retail store but you are unsure if you should? Well, fireworks are a way of celebrating in many countries and cultures. With the world getting smaller and smaller, there are people from all over the world in every country. Traditions and festivals of all kinds are celebrated using fireworks, sparklers and more. This makes the season for buying fireworks almost year-round. It is a profitable business to get into; if you have the right supplier. That is where we come in. Our decade-plus of experience in making sure we import the right product is perfect for any retail store. Along with our experience, our company mission is quality, customer focus and commitment. Our customers will be assured of our commitment to making sure they get the best service and products.

Firework Safety

We know how important it is to purchase your fireworks from a reliable supplier. We ensure that we only stock quality products that are safe to use in the recommended way. We do recommend that end users store the products in a cool, dry place and are responsible when using fireworks. Products should not be altered or relit should it not go off. Ensure that water is available in case of accidental fire. Never use fireworks indoors. Children should always be supervised around fireworks, even if it is only sparklers.

We help bring joy, light and fun to events by supplying the best quality fireworks to our clients so they can feel comfortable selling the product to the public. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available to alleviate them and offer our knowledge and experience in the field to answer all your queries. Feel free to contact us for a list of available products and prices for retail.