As wholesalers, we understand your responsibility to your customers. Your customers are our end users. That means our responsibility to you as a retailer is our responsibility to your customers too. If your customers are happy you are happy. It is our mission to use our experience and knowledge to make you happy.

We have a wide variety of products available for retailers. We import all our fireworks from the best suppliers and have a strict quality control policy.

Some of our products

Fanfare Finale is one of our loudest firework cakes available. The box comes with 42 shots of 30mm firing tubes. The spectacular blasts of color are absolutely perfect for a mid-sized event. The Fanfare Finale is a fan favorite.

Our Alpha Selection box for 2021 offers all you need for an out of this world garden display. This box contains an unrivalled selection; with over 700 shots in total, this eclectic mix of fireworks is perfect for any celebration. This selection includes 4 shot candles, 8 rockets, one epic roman candle with 325 shots, two different fountains and 16 barrages. Your clients will be thrilled with the selection.

Diamonds, what could be more alluring? This 21 shot firework cake lights up the night sky. The different colors that make up this pack will have you thinking of all the precious stones, not only diamonds.

Scorpion King is a deceiving name for this colorful 50 shot firework cake. It is an absolutely beautiful shower of color and light and with 50 shots per cake, it will please a crowd for a good few minutes. The array of colors from white to red and green is impressive by anyone’s standards.

Why Brightsky

These are just a few of our products that we are pleased to supply to our retail customers. Fireworks are our business and we make sure that we have something for everyone. Sparkler to rockets, colored smoke tubes to the very audible firework cakes. We continue to source the newest and the best fireworks on the market while keeping our old favorites around.

The firework business does have seasons that are busier than others. While we know that the law does allow for fireworks in public places on every night of the year, you do need to follow local restrictions. You are not allowed to set off fireworks at all between 11 pm and 7 am, except for certain festivals and holidays. We are available online twenty-four-seven during these busy times. Our promise is to deliver on time, every time.

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